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Digital Graffiti Wall

The Digital Graffiti Wall is a fully interactive virtual spray paint wall for rent or hire that guests/target audience can use to create their own amazing artwork

The Digital Graffiti Wall is a state of the art digital graffiti solution designed and developed for the events and entertainments industry, using bespoke software to replicate the urban graffiti experience. It is the act of creating graffiti art using a computer vision system.

Its wide palette of paint colors, new features such as animated stars, swirls, drip effect paint and a variety of stencils are now available. We can even custom make further spray patterns and stencils to reflect your event or client.

Air Graffiti also includes a selection of predefined backgrounds and branded covers, allowing you to adding a logo for giveaways, promotions and advertising.

DGW (1)DGW (2)


  • The Digital Graffiti Wall system is the perfect entertainment addition to Entertainment Centers, Djs, and Photo Booth owners.
  • Custom background and stencils on-screen according to brand or campaign
  • The virtual interactive digital graffiti wall excites guests and gives them the ability to express their own artist creations on a larger than life canvas.
  • Amaze your customer/guests with an incredible and interactive product.
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email right from the screen and optional feature to print on merchandise on-site such as flyer, t-shirt, etc..
  • The wall can be used in all event settings.
  • Any image can be loaded as a background so guests can easily paint like a coloring page, or allows for custom branding with logos or themes.
  • 4 sides of branding on the Wall system for optimum customer/guest awareness and attraction.

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Digital Graffiti Wall