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Full Colour – Branded Bicycle

Bicycle branding is an outdoor advertising channel based on high impact and direct advertising in central areas of the city. It is mainly targeted at large scale residential, business and youth areas with visiting & transient daily audiences.

With the Dubai government currently installing a great amount of cycle paths, the residents of Dubai are taking up Cycling, fitness and a community spirit that is part of the Dubai culture.

Advertising bikes are directly exposed to thousands of pedestrians and bypassing car traffic. This powerful and cost-effective tool ensures significant brand exposure, as well as gives opportunity to interact with the target audience and get closer to the point of sale than traditional media.


  • It is relatively a lesser cost per thousand impressions
  • Environmentally friendly advertising
  • Innovative and eye-catching
  • Can be placed closer to the point of sale
  • Ideal for pedestrian areas
  • All weather and season operation
  • National, regional or local campaigns
  • Can reach audience in areas where regular OOH media might not be able to reach

Full Color Bike Branding

Full Color Bike (1)

The bikes will get painted on with graphics and colors matching the brand and the campaign. There is also an advertising panel on each back that can be branded on both sides with any promotional campaign and/or logo.

These bikes can be either stationary or can have promotional riders who can handout promotional material and/or do sampling. When operating in high street shopping or mall areas bikes can trigger impulse buyers. This kind of campaign flexibility is ideal for launches and special promotions.

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Full Colour – Branded Bicycle