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Image Policy & Guidelines

All submitted photos must conform to the following standards:

  • Must be in .jpg format.
  • Must be current or slightly old.
  • Must have at least one (01) clear head shot and one (01) clear body shot.
  • Must be accompanied by a resume/CV.
  • Must not be “comp cards,” “zed cards”, or other collages. You can separate images from these cards and submit them individually.
  • Must not contain other people (use edit tool on site to cut them out if need be).
  • Must not exceed 500KB per image.
  • Must not contain watermarks, logos, or any other marks on the photos due to potential copyright infringement.
  • Must adhere to our “Rated PG” Policy*. Found Below

*”Rated PG” Policy = Images containing the following are not acceptable: Nude, Mostly Nude, and Tasteless Poses. Artistic nudity will not be considered. If you are under 18, please do not register.

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Image Policy & Guidelines