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Model Management

Infinity Model Management is a very unique agency. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the most personal and individual approach possible to each and every model and clients. We nurture and develop our models in a very friendly atmosphere where everyone is considered a part of a close knit team. Consequently. our clients find our models at Infinity some of the best in the industry to work with.

Ultra High Fashion Models

These types of models have extreme, unique, sophisticated and/or exotic looks. Typically, the European market is in love with this extreme looks.  The ultra-high fashion division is a very  competitive and only models with extreme look are selected to appear in such items as avante garde, and trendy fashion conscious consumers.

Commercial Print Models

Commercial Print Models represent products other than beauty and fashion modeling and often  viewed in print ads, packaging, sales displays, products catalog and live promotional work. There are two types of commercial print models: STRAIGHT AND CHARACTER.

Straight Commercial Models

These types of models can range from average (normal people) to very attractive depending upon the targeted consumer.  These markets include such things as age, marital status, income, and others.

Character Commercial Models

These types of models are in high demand due to their personality and offbeat character.  Models who have an interesting personality often appear in print ads and television commercials for the ability to engage the audiences.  Also, many roles are available for impersonations of real or imaginary characters.

Real People Models

There are no heights, weight or visual requirements for casting and print. This is because the assignment may call for “Real People” i.e. non-model types.  Infinity seeks talent from all ethnic backgrounds.

Petite Models

Petite Models fall in the sizes of 3-7 Petite and are usually 18-25 years old. Petite models can find work in catalogues, print ads, and TV commercials. On occasion, petite models can get a high fashion print assignments but may find it difficult to get on the catwalk.  At Infinity, we work with all our petite models to develop their skills so they can to create a print like ads were size does not matter.

Beauty Models

Beauty Models are used for face and hair products, and jewelery.  These types of models must have an attractive face with proportional face features and good bone structure.  Skin must be flawless without any blemishes and with no visible circles or darkness under eyes. Eyes must  be large and expressive.  Lips should not be too thin or too full. Neck should be long and slim without any visible blemishes. Hair should be healthy, shiny, easy to manage and not permed or coloured.  For men a strong jaw line, slight muscular build, and an even hairline are preferred.

Plus Sizes/Curvy Models

Curvy or plus size models wear misses sizes of 12 to 18.  Plus models have well-proportioned full figures have measurements of 173 cm tall and between 86 – 63 – 94 cm and 101 – 78 – 106 cm.  If your size exceeds these measurements, and if your waist is not at least 23 cm smaller than your hips and chest, you may not qualify for plus size modeling.

Swimsuit Models

Swimsuit Models need an attractive slender figure with a 34B bust or larger.  Models with naturally darker skin or a light tan are ideal.  Swimsuit models should not have health look with no visible rib cage or hipbones. Their figure should be well-toned and without cellulite or excessive muscles. Swimsuit models usually have figures that are slightly rounder or more athletic looking than typical fashion models.

Lingerie Models

Lingerie models are very similar to swimsuit models.  They need an attractive figure with a full 34B bust or larger.  Skin must be flawless, without much body hair, freckles, moles or scars.  Models should not be overly tan.

Parts Models

Models with particularly appealing body parts, such as hands, feet, legs, and back can find many roles.

Hand Models

Models must have attractively shaped smallish hands with no blemishes or skin problems. Nails have a healthy colour, without curves, or blemishes.  Cuticles must be perfect and nails must be natural.

Leg Models

Models must have beautifully shaped, straight, slim, long legs with attractive feet and without veins, scars or other blemishes.

Female Foot Models

Models must have graceful, flawless feet with attractive ankles and lower legs. They must wear size 6 narrow or medium, without blemishes or protruding veins.

Teeth/Smile Models

Models must have perfectly straight, white teeth with a beautiful smile and attractive lips. Gums must be healthy, pink and not extremely large.

Other High Fashion Models

These types of models have a broad range of  looks that falls between ultra-high and general fashion; however, these models usually have at least one quality that gives them an unique look (things such as eyes, lips, cheek bones, skin tone, etc).

High Fashion Models are tall. The women are usually between 5’8″ to 6’0″ feet (177 to 185 cm) and usually wear misses size 4-7. Most female high fashion models are between 13 and 25.

Men High Fashion Models are usually between 6’0″ to 6’3″ feet (185 to 190 cm) and have a well-built physique.  Ages can vary but the usually range is 18 to 35.

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Model Management